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Taste of Soul Sunday will be held this Sunday, February 19 at the Grand Rapids Public Library’s downtown Main Branch.
The Oscar Nominated Short Films will be screening from February 10 – March 29, 2017 from the categories of live-action, documentary and animation.
Learn more about our community-driven platform and how you can get involved with free workshops hosted at the Grand Rapids Public Library on February 7 and 21, 2017.


looking at how others celebrate place.

Featured Update

West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Center - 02/14

In the wake of the recent executive order calling for a temporary halt to the resettlement of refugees, the Refugee Education Center has received hundreds of calls and emails from community members interested in how they can support refugees in our community. This flood of support comes at a critical time for our refugee friends and neighbors. Although the future of refugee resettlement is uncertain, there are an estimated 25,000 refugees currently living in our community who need and deserve our support. For decades, refugees from all over the world have been welcomed into our community. Having been forced from their country due to fear of... [read more]

More Featured Updates

Eric Bouwens - 02/07

Patients fearing deportation or naturalization cancellation are canceling insurance and other forms of assistance. We in the medical community have to consider new ways we can support our patients, and how we can shape immigration policy that will allow them to live their dreams and stay healthy. [read more]

Calvin College - 01/24

Plaster Creek Stewards tracks the journey of a raindrop in Alger Heights, Garfield Park [read more]

Katie Gordon - 01/10

I am a firm believer in the power of stories and media to shape ideas and shift culture. Media literacy is more than a tool for understanding, then, it is a civic duty. Media literacy skills might help us better understand and engage with the community issues and world around us. [read more]

Avenue for the Arts - 01/03

An update on Avenue for the Arts and a look at what’s to come ahead. This Friday, January 6, Avenue for the Arts becomes "South Division Avenue becomes "the ultimate destination to find artwork by local artists, handmade goods, and food and drink specials." [read more]

Kiran Sood Patel - 01/02

Knight Foundation will match donations from individual donors to select nonprofits, including The Rapidian, up to a total of $1.5 million. Individual organizations will receive up to $25,000 in matching funds. [read more]

Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities - 12/20

Beyond educational support, the Cook Library Scholars program offers emotional solace to students and their families, and provides space for families to lead, even during difficult times. [read more]

GRAM GoSite - 12/13

GRAM and Experience Grand Rapids have collaborated to develop the Welcome Center at GRAM. [read more]

Why Place Matters?

Humans hunger for community. We yearn to be connected. And we want to feel good about the spaces where we live, work, play together.

Place Matters” marks a different type of gathering place; where we can create new intersections, gather input, and share ideas about enhancing life in this place we call home. [read more]

Community Conversations

/Wikimedia Commons

Kelly Koning - 01/31

To my community, my reflections and thoughts post Washington, D.C. March [read more]

Allison Bannister - 01/24

An attendee of the Women's March on Washington returns to Grand Rapids feeling both inspired and energized. [read more]

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The Buzz

Welcomes & Anticipations

Members of the media were invited to tour two new exhibits at the Grand Rapids Art Museum on Friday, February 3.
Community photos from the "Protest for immigrants, refugees and human rights" which took place at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport on January 29, 2017.

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