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Earthkeeper Farms is staying true to their roots. The business sells kale, lettuce, garlic, tomatoes and more.
This film series explores some of America’s thorniest issues—criminal justice, housing equity, education, immigration, voting rights, labor, Flint’s water crisis—by telling the stories of the people who get caught on those thorns.
Featuring Neighborhood Happy Hour, enjoy live music from WYCE selected bands, grab a paintbrush and participate in a mural painting, attend an exclusive Tour of Hidden Downtown Gardens, visit gallery exhibitions, and splurge at vendors, pop up shops and sales along the Avenue for the Arts.


looking at how others celebrate place.

Featured Update

Grand Rapids Public Museum - 08/08

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is hosting a special Eclipse Day Party on August 21 to celebrate the total eclipse that will span the continental United States. For those not traveling to the path of totality, visit the museum to experience the partial eclipse we will witness in Michigan, along with various hands-on activities, live streaming of the total eclipse and more between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. On August 21, the continental U.S. will see a total eclipse spanning from Oregon to South Carolina, with a partial eclipse taking place in Michigan. The Eclipse Day will include hands-on solar related activity booths, multiple shows on the half... [read more]

More Featured Updates

Mariah Cowsert - 08/01

Girls Rock Grand Rapids, GR!GR, is a week long summer camp that takes place in August, and exists to empower girls and women through music. [read more]

Mariah Cowsert - 07/25

Diving into the college world without the resources and advice of family who attended can be tricky to navigate but with some advice and storytelling we can help bridge the gap for incoming first-generation students. We will be covering this topic during the month of August. [read more]

Avenue for the Arts - 07/18

Held in the Avenue for the Arts [workshop] Space, this series aims to make learning a new skill or expanding your network of artists and writers easy, accessible, and exciting. It’s never been easier to meet your people. [read more]

Molly Kooi - 07/11

Many families at Sibley Elementary suffer from food insecurity, their monthly mobile food pantry is making a difference. [read more]

The Rapid - 07/05

Visit free, transit-friendly events throughout Grand Rapids and the suburbs. [read more]

Jessica Fogle - 06/20

I've written songs everyday since February 12 of this year for my "365 Day Songwriting Challenge" and have written over 1000 songs since 2014. Everyone is creative and if you learn to unblock your creativity, you, too, can enjoy a creative and fulfilling approach to life. [read more]

Kiran Sood Patel - 06/13

Grand Rapids hosted the first Asian Festival on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Rosa Parks Circle. The festival was a cultural celebration with music, entertainment, food and dance. [read more]

Why Place Matters?

Humans hunger for community. We yearn to be connected. And we want to feel good about the spaces where we live, work, play together.

Place Matters” marks a different type of gathering place; where we can create new intersections, gather input, and share ideas about enhancing life in this place we call home. [read more]

Community Conversations

/Courtesy of Nancy Cluley

Nancy Cluley - 08/08

At Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D&HHS) Kids Camp, the kids come here so that they can have fun, experience things they may not otherwise experience, and learn new ways to communicate. [read more]

/Marjorie Steele

Marjorie Steele - 08/08

Examining why the our child support system is out of sync with society, and its impact on Kent County’s most economically disadvantaged parents. [read more]

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adeshola makinde is a streetwear clothing designer and the creator of COMPLETE VII . makinde lives and works in Grand Rapids, MI and collaborates with local artists and designers to make his dream a reality.
Becoming a host family for an International exchange student can be a rewarding, life-changing experience for everyone involved.

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