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During the week of July 31-August 4, 2017 we will be working with a group of middle school aged kids representing a variety of congregations.
Community reviewer for the UICA, Patrick Feutz, discusses a sports biopic that charts the days leading up to the titular real-life boxer’s infamous 1962 World Featherweight Title bout with reigning champ Davey Moore.
The "Measure What Matters Workshop" on June 21, 2017 titled "Implementing Policies Promoting Inclusion and Equity" will focus on helping businesses create equitable practices.


looking at how others celebrate place.

Featured Update

Jessica Fogle - 06/20

I went from being creatively blocked to writing multiple songs a week since 2014. And I've written every day since February 12, 2017 for my 365-Day Songwriting Challenge. I am a creativity activist. What is a creativity activist? It is someone who believes we are all creative. Someone who feels a sense of purpose in helping others overcome whatever stands in the way of them being their most authentic selves.  I read a lot of so-called “self-help” books in my early 20s. Which is a funny term, as they are clearly “others-help” books (i.e. those writers were my mentors through the pages, I couldn’t have... [read more]

More Featured Updates

Kiran Sood Patel - 06/13

Grand Rapids hosted the first Asian Festival on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Rosa Parks Circle. The festival was a cultural celebration with music, entertainment, food and dance. [read more]

The Rapid - 06/06

Challenge yourself to an active commute for this popular weeklong event June 12-16 to benefit your health, better the environment, save on gas money and win prizes. [read more]

Opera Grand Rapids - 05/30

On June 8, 2017 members of Grand Rapids Ballet join forces with Opera Grand Rapids’ Emerging Artists to share a unique coming together of art forms. Opera Fusion–a performance featuring a juxtaposition of operatic vocals, popular music, and unconventional orchestrations. [read more]

Eastown Community Association - 05/23

The ECA saw an alignment with the city's Neighborhood Match Fund goals of building stronger connections among residents and promoting equitable outcomes. [read more]

Downtown Market - 05/16

More than 50 vendors will be present for the first event of the season, taking place on May 27 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., including local favorites like Hides and Stitches, Albright Lavender Farm, Pink Lemonade, Cutie Pie Craft, Third & Co. Studio and more. [read more]

Grand Rapids Art Museum - 05/09

The new exhibition celebrates the groundbreaking artwork of one of the most influential cartoon illustrators of the twentieth century. The exhibition will be on view May 20 and go through August 27, 2017. [read more]

Kiran Sood Patel - 05/02

Journalist Amy Goodman will speak at Wealthy Theatre as a fundraiser for Grand Rapids Community Media Center. Suggested donation is $5 to support Community Media Center. [read more]

Why Place Matters?

Humans hunger for community. We yearn to be connected. And we want to feel good about the spaces where we live, work, play together.

Place Matters” marks a different type of gathering place; where we can create new intersections, gather input, and share ideas about enhancing life in this place we call home. [read more]

Community Conversations

Allison Bannister - 06/28

In celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month, this series features profiles of community members who have immigrated to Grand Rapids. [read more]

Allison Bannister - 06/28

In celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month, this series features profiles of community members who have immigrated to Grand Rapids. [read more]

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Welcomes & Anticipations

Pho616 will open in the Market Hall later this summer. Pho616, owned by Ty Nguyen and Han Lee, will make traditional Vietnamese pho noodle soup as well as banh mi, summer rolls and other Vietnamese specialties, as well as having a retail shop carrying Asian produce and Vietnamese items.
St. Louis musician Pokey LaFarge and supporting act Lillie Mae brought a blend of country, jazz, and more to The Pyramid Scheme June 18th.

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