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Blandford expansion grows Nature's Learning Lab for students

Submitted 04-21-2017 under NEWS

Generations of students have trekked the wooded trails of Blandford Nature Center. Now their environmental education will be enhanced by the new Mary Jane Dockeray Visitor Center opening on Earth Day.


WMEAC works with the community to protect natural resources, mitigate climate impacts

Submitted 04-20-2017 under NONPROFITS

This week's episode of NPO Showcase features WMEAC which connects environmentally concerned citizens with innovative and effective solutions


Neighborhood Summit debuts video showcasing record attendance, community participation

Submitted 04-11-2017 under NEWS

This year's Grand Rapids Neighborhood Summit on March 4, 2017 grew from four workshops to 17 and hosted almost 400 community members.


Heartside Gleaning Initiative: Cultivating community through good food

Submitted 04-04-2017 under NONPROFITS

Learn about the efforts of Heartside Gleaning Initiative and its impact on the Grand Rapids community and how you can get involved in our upcoming events.


Grand Rapids Maker Faire encourages local makers to sign up to showcase projects

Submitted 03-28-2017 under NONPROFITS

Maker Faire is looking for participants who enjoy tinkering, hacking, building and designing new technology-based inventions.


How far will we go to prioritize equity in Grand Rapids?

Submitted 03-24-2017 under OPINION

In a city with a history of systemic bias, how do we build trust? Trust will be a process, but we as citizens can take our leadership seriously when they say no to money with strings attached in the interest of not leaving anyone behind.


West Michigan Growers Group partners with Downtown Market, MSU Extension to host 2017 Growers Fare: CSA Open House

Submitted 03-21-2017 under NONPROFITS

The public event will be held on Saturday, March 25 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Downtown Market for the West Michigan community interested in connecting with and supporting farmers growing and selling local food.


The Rapid should make it easy for people to get their change back

Submitted 02-28-2017 under OPINION

I take The Rapid everyday to and from City Middle High School. I should not have to worry about not getting my money back as cash if my bus card does not work.


Workshop combines "Practicing Inclusivity" principles, conscious relaxation

Submitted 02-22-2017 under NONPROFITS

Workshop combines Yoga Nidra guided relaxation and dialogue about Practicing so we, as change agents, can create a better world for all.


Community advocate faces Grand Rapids' housing crisis, gentrification

Submitted 02-21-2017 under PLACE-MATTERS

After having to leave her lifelong neighborhood, LaDonna Norman is fighting for families losing their homes to gentrification.