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When grown men point loaded weapons at 12-year-old boys, none of us should sleep well at night

Submitted 03-29-2017 under OPINION

If we as a city are to truly fight racism, we must measure the impact, not the intent, of city-sponsored grown men who pointed loaded guns at 12-year-old boys.


Trans Day of Visibility enters ninth year of observance

Submitted 03-28-2017 under OPINION

TDoV is an annual holiday celebrated around the globe, dedicated to celebrating the successes and accomplishments of trans and gender non-conforming people, while also raising awareness of the work that is still needed to save trans lives.


How far will we go to prioritize equity in Grand Rapids?

Submitted 03-24-2017 under OPINION

In a city with a history of systemic bias, how do we build trust? Trust will be a process, but we as citizens can take our leadership seriously when they say no to money with strings attached in the interest of not leaving anyone behind.


Family unity: Why I march for our undocumented community

Submitted 03-07-2017 under OPINION

Understanding my Puerto Rican history allows me to see what I want for the future of my children, the history I want them to grow up in. They know that standing up for family unity, no matter where you come from or look like, is necessary.


Grand Rapids Symphony's Marcelo Lehninger leads orchestra in picturesque adventure into the future

Submitted 03-06-2017 under OPINION

Marcelo Lehninger, with 'Pictures at an Exhibition,' Adagio for Strings, leads Grand Rapids Symphony in epic adventure with guest violinist Stefan Jackiw


The Rapid should make it easy for people to get their change back

Submitted 02-28-2017 under OPINION

I take The Rapid everyday to and from City Middle High School. I should not have to worry about not getting my money back as cash if my bus card does not work.


Big voice of Lalah Hathaway, big sound of Grand Rapids Symphony, sell out 'Symphony with Soul' in DeVos Hall

Submitted 02-23-2017 under OPINION

Five-time Grammy Award winner helps sell out 2,300-seat hall for Grand Rapids Symphony's 16th annual 'Symphony with Soul'


High academic standards help all students succeed

Submitted 02-23-2017 under OPINION

High academic standards are needed now more than ever.


Dr. Arthur Brooks misses mark in speech on poor feeling 'needed' versus eliminating poverty

Submitted 02-22-2017 under OPINION

Colleagues from EquityPAC attended the Evening at Acton which featured Arthur Brooks, Ph.D. and President of the American Enterprise Institute. The event was on Bringing America Together: Restoring Optimism, Unity, and Opportunity.


What did we learn about "Un día sin Inmigrantes"?

Submitted 02-20-2017 under OPINION

A local business owner reflects on Grand Rapids' joining the movement in solidarity for Human Rights.