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Catalyst Radio: Artist Gianturco, international exhibit subjects describe 'Grandmother Power' at GRPM


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Catalyst Radio is the weekly public affairs radio program of Community Media Center, with producer and host Linda Gellasch. The program is a feature of WYCE and The Rapidian and includes interviews with organizations and people working on social change and community support, examines media and free speech issues, and takes a look at the behind-the-scenes of Rapidian reporting. You can catch it on air at noon every Friday on WYCE 88.1 FM or streaming on the Grand Rapids Community Media Center Website.

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Grandmother Power phenomenon is described by GRPM exhibit artist Paola Gianturco and her Canadian subjects.

Photojournalist and artist Paola Gianturco

Photojournalist and artist Paola Gianturco

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In this episode of Catalyst Radio we have in studio special guests who are part of the international Grandmother Power movement –  grandmother and grand-‘others’ that are working for social change.

The contingent recently visited Grand Rapids as part of Grand Rapids Public Museum’s Grandmother Power – A Global Phenomenon exhibit on display through Feb. 2.

In a previous Catalyst Radio, we featured the actual exhibition, and its focus.

This time we talk to the artist, and to some of the people who inspired her and are subjects in the project.

The exhibition focuses on the work of photojournalist Paola Gianturco who has worked for the past 16 years documenting women’s lives and struggles in more than 50 countries.

Gianturco joins us in studio today, along with a contingent of the activist grandmothers and other movement working for a better future.

Here from Barre, Ontario, and featured in Gianturco’s work are: JoAnne O’Shea, Catherine Dougherty, Kathy Dunn and Mike O’Shea.

The Grandmother Power - A Global Phenomenon exhibit was previously featured on Catalyst radio Sept. 30.



Music in this episode of Catalyst Radio comes from regional band Young Heavy Souls, with the song “Evolutionary Baggage.”

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