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Affordable housing workshop to tackle development issues in Grand Rapids

Submitted 11-24-2015 under NONPROFITS

One of the workshops at the Neighborhood Summit next March will seek community input on housing policies, in an effort to create more choices and less disparity.


Ending racism means elevating voices of color

Submitted 11-23-2015 under NONPROFITS

Highlighting the importance of supporting grassroots movements and elevating voices of color for sustainable change.


Black Market event to mark shift to next phase of GRABB strategic plan

Submitted 11-17-2015 under OPINION

Since coming on the scene in 2013 Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB) has been working to elevate the Greater Grand Rapids community’s awareness of Black businesses and the state of Black businesses.


Urban agriculture and placemaking: Toward building resiliency

Submitted 11-17-2015 under OPINION

Building resiliency in any system takes time, and it comes at a cost that rarely yields rewards in the early stages. For long-term success, issues of social and ecological durability must focus on empowerment and health, not momentary fixes.


Time to challenge unconstitutional statute on City powers over open carry laws

Submitted 11-10-2015 under OPINION

Open carry campaigns came to Grand Rapids recently. We are forgetting that Article 7, Section 29 of the Michigan Constitution guarantees to cities the right of reasonable control of their streets and public places.


"Native Kids Ride Bikes" artist to talk on gentrification, public space at Civic Studio

Submitted 11-01-2015 under NONPROFITS

On November 2, 2015 at 6:30 p.m., Civic Studio will present Dylan A.T. Miner for a free public talk entitled "All space is public. All land is Indigenous. All ownership is violence."


Community discussion targeting police practices misses mark

Submitted 10-29-2015 under OPINION

The ACLU hosted a community panel discussion targeting police practices in Grand Rapids, but panelists failed to address the systematic problems in favor of accusatory bickering.


The Rapidian adds Advisory Council to support local writers

Submitted 10-27-2015 under PLACE-MATTERS

As we continue to grow and support local voices, it's important that we make sure that we're providing our community reporters with everything they need to share their news and stories well. Our Advisory Council is an important piece in taking good care of our reporters.


The Rapidian to highlight #ThePeopleofGrandRapids in photo series

Submitted 10-20-2015 under VOICES

My local photo series called #ThePeopleOfGrandRapids will be shared with our community here on The Rapidian. In the series I set out intending to bring perspective, wisdom and insight from those I don't know.


Principal of Shawmut Hills encourages neighbors to participate in Westside growth

Submitted 10-13-2015 under OPINION

The upper west side has only one park and it has not been updated since the mid 1950's.