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Why we need to admit Hometown Hero is sentimental pandering, not art

Submitted 10-09-2015 under OPINION

We are talking about art, not the validity of the sacrificed lives of our servicemen and women, or the heartache of their family members. And as intelligent, thoughtful people, we should be capable of separating the two.


Urban agriculture + placemaking = new economy

Submitted 10-06-2015 under OPINION

Levi Gardner of Urban Roots explores different facets in the relationship between urban agriculture and placemaking.


Nomadic placemaking: Art designed to help communities see future potential

Submitted 10-06-2015 under PLACE-MATTERS

SiTE:LAB's projects, and the new experiences the public has with the property through them, have the potential to use art to facilitate a more expansive vision of the property's future.


ArtPrize attracts film, game design live/learn/work community to Grand Rapids

Submitted 10-05-2015 under OPINION

Grand Rapids has been selected as the location for Snow Monster Studios, a new affordable studio/school focusing on animation, video game design and films that aims to make Michigan a hub for film and game design using Michigan people.


Art, activism and ArtPrize: Critical Discourse hosts bold criticism, open discussion

Submitted 10-03-2015 under OPINION

Too many of us take the worn pathway of choosing to engage with only those with like minds, thus limiting the discussion and not exploring broad perspectives of the intersection between art and the spaces it occupies. Friday night's Critical Discourse event was a welcome change from that norm.


Manipulating the material: Why Jovanni Luna refuses to do something easy

Submitted 10-02-2015 under OPINION

Jovanni Luna's juror-selected finalist piece "the sculptural painting" includes about 8,000 tiny rolls of paint skins, each made of 5-7 layers of donated house paint. To say that Luna likes a challenge is an understatement.


Umbered undertones leading trends in color

Submitted 10-02-2015 under OPINION

Leatrice Eiseman revealed color trends to a packed house at the Critical Discourse presentation titled "Future Color/Design Trends: Innovation and Impact" on Thursday night.


When Critical Discourse is anything but: A Midwest call out of art scenes and community

Submitted 09-30-2015 under OPINION

What does "critical" and "discourse" and "art" and "community" outside of academic and institutional buzzwords mean, even?


Women Who Rock!

Submitted 09-29-2015 under NONPROFITS

Anissa Eddie, co-owner of Malamiah Juice Bar in the Downtown Market, is shaping the Grand Rapids community, one juice at a time.


Just wrong enough: How swinging inside an ArtPrize house creates community

Submitted 09-29-2015 under OPINION

As a facilitator of volunteers and volunteer myself for Kate Gilmore's "Higher Ground," my turns on the swing brought a surprising combination of power dynamics, physical duress, intimacy with strangers, and even monotony.