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What did we learn about "Un día sin Inmigrantes"?

Submitted 02-20-2017 under OPINION

A local business owner reflects on Grand Rapids' joining the movement in solidarity for Human Rights.


¿Qué aprendimos sobre "Un día sin Inmigrantes"?

Submitted 02-20-2017 under OPINION

Una empresaria Latina reflexiona acerca de la participacion de Grand Rapids en el movimiento nacional para defender los Derechos Humanos.


Nature, mindfulness pair up for a weekend getaway—especially for women

Submitted 02-17-2017 under OPINION

Learn practical techniques to de-compress and find balance in a chaotic world while enjoying delicious food and a beautiful natural environment.


Mayor Rosalynn Bliss talks about first year as mayor, implementing sustainable practices

Submitted 02-15-2017 under NONPROFITS

Environmental sustainability remains a top priority in Bliss' role as Mayor. It is one of the four legs of her strategic plan: social impact, economic impact, environmental impact and the most recent addition, governance—the concept of government reacting directly to the needs of the community.


DeVos bought influence; corruption erased your vote

Submitted 02-08-2017 under OPINION

In the moment Mrs. DeVos had to prove that she possessed the necessary competency to lead a department that massively impacts the most disenfranchised population amongst us, children, she failed that test. And in education, failing means you are not prepared to move forward.


Immigration policy fears cause clinic patients to stay away, cancel insurance

Submitted 02-07-2017 under PLACE-MATTERS

Patients fearing deportation or naturalization cancellation are canceling insurance and other forms of assistance. We in the medical community have to consider new ways we can support our patients, and how we can shape immigration policy that will allow them to live their dreams and stay healthy.


Local teacher argues Muskegon Heights students need money, support not school closures

Submitted 02-02-2017 under OPINION

Jeffery Rundhaug is a Grand Rapids resident who teaches 7th and 8th grade Social Studies at Muskegon Heights Academy, one of the 38 schools the State of Michigan has targeted for closure.


Our call to stand with refugees

Submitted 02-01-2017 under NONPROFITS

World Renew, a Grand-Rapids based international disaster response and community development nonprofit organization which is involved with refugee resettlement as well as in-country assistance, calls for the church to stand with refugees.


GVSU students stage sit-in against Donald Trump

Submitted 02-01-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

GVSU students participated in an organized sit-in to protest recent executive orders made by Donald Trump banning individuals from Muslim-inhabited countries from being admitted into the United States


Review of 'Faure and Brahms' at Royce Auditorium

Submitted 02-01-2017 under OPINION

Royce Auditorium provides perfect venue for Faure, Brahms pieces