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From an organizer's perspective: Why the Asian Festival is important

Submitted 05-23-2017 under OPINION

Diversity is beautiful and powerful, and the Asian/Pacific community has so much diversity of which many are unaware. But nonetheless, we’re usually lumped into one giant spring roll of expectations, whether we fit them or not.


Letter from Marge Palmerlee on importance of gathering

Submitted 05-22-2017 under NONPROFITS

I recently read that Vivek Murthy, the former U.S. Surgeon General, said the greatest health crisis in our country is not cancer or heart disease or obesity. It is isolation!


LadyFest GR 2017 is about dialogue and action

Submitted 05-19-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

This Saturday, May 20 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the Grand Rapids Public Library Main Branch we will convene a series of pressing dialogues about the issues impacting the lives of women and girls locally and nationally.


City Commission 101: Five ways to be more effective when you go

Submitted 05-10-2017 under OPINION

How to prepare, speak up, and more. If you decide to attend a City Commission meeting, here are five things I wish someone had explained to me.


Our neighbors, our friends, our future: Why I keep marching

Submitted 05-04-2017 under OPINION

On Monday, May 1, 2017, I had the honor of marching during "A Day Without Immigrants" in solidarity for family unity and dignity for our undocumented community. Our greatest success comes not from climbing on each other to reach the top, but by reaching out and navigating life's challenges together.


Apoye 'Un Día Sin Inmigrantes' el 1º de Mayo, 2017

Submitted 04-26-2017 under OPINION

Este lunes, a los inmigrantes y sus aliados se les pide que participen en la huelga faltando al trabajo y a la escuela, no yendo de compras (incluyendo la gasolina), y serrando sus negocios ese día en solidaridad. En Grand Rapids, se le pide a la gente que se reúnan en el Parque Garfield donde habrá


Support 'A Day Without Immigrants' on May 1, 2017

Submitted 04-25-2017 under OPINION

This Monday, allies and immigrants are asked to strike from work, school, shopping (including gasoline purchases), and to close their businesses on that day in solidarity. In Grand Rapids, people are asked to gather at Garfield Park for a program and a walk toward Calder Plaza.


Review: Flaming Lips bring the weirdness to 20 Monroe Live

Submitted 04-20-2017 under OPINION

The Flaming Lips bring signature oddness and spectacle to Grand Rapids.


Center for Inquiry Michigan sponsoring March for Science on Saturday

Submitted 04-18-2017 under NONPROFITS

The March for Science works to encourage evidence-based thinking when forming public policies. The march will be held in Lansing.


Meet Civic Investor Tami VandenBerg: Passionate advocate for access to housing

Submitted 04-14-2017 under VOICES

Tami VandenBerg, co-owner of the Meanwhile and Pyramid Scheme and part-time director of Well House, said The Rapidian is another great outlet to get people talking about the issues.