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Institute for Global Education hosts Week of Peace events

Submitted 09-19-2017 under NONPROFITS

For the last seven years the Institute for Global Education has commemorated the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21st.


City, GRPD must seek independent investigations into police call recordings to rebuild public trust, transparency

Submitted 09-15-2017 under OPINION

The City and the Chief have known about these phone calls and their content for going on a year now. Yet they delayed in condemning the actions of the officers, repeatedly fought FOIA requests for the phone calls, and they didn't fire the involved officers.


City Connection: Mayor Bliss, Managing Director of Public Services discuss Our City Academy

Submitted 09-11-2017 under NEWS

Tom Almonte, the city's Managing Director of Public Services, will be the guest on the September 11 episode of City Connection.


Hundreds marched to defend DACA recipients in Grand Rapids

Submitted 09-06-2017 under NEWS

On Tuesday, September 5, 2017 hundreds of Grand Rapidians marched through downtown Grand Rapids and held a vigil to protest the ending of DACA.


Local ATU member arrested at Rapid Board Meeting

Submitted 08-31-2017 under NEWS

A local Grand Rapids bus driver was arrested for protesting Rapid Transits CEO's merit bonus.


Grand Rapids Public Schools’ Parent University to host screenings of American Divided

Submitted 08-08-2017 under NONPROFITS

This film series explores some of America’s thorniest issues—criminal justice, housing equity, education, immigration, voting rights, labor, Flint’s water crisis—by telling the stories of the people who get caught on those thorns.


Trolling under rainbow bridge

Submitted 07-31-2017 under OPINION

For all the discrimination and prejudice, I lamented in my first article, there was no acknowledgment of the disabled community. Even though I am not disabled, if I was going to get on a gay soap box about equal representation, I might want to make sure I’m not showcasing the same bias.


City Commission passes resolutions regarding community, police relations

Submitted 07-27-2017 under NEWS

On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, at the Committee of the Whole meeting city officials discussed the Executive Summary for Community Talk Back Sessions and passed resolutions to hire PR and consulting firms.


#GRTalksBack on policing: meetings use small-group format

Submitted 06-13-2017 under NEWS

Using a small-group format, the City of Grand Rapids hosted its first Community Listening meeting on policing in the Third Ward.


City Connection: Mayor Bliss, Program Director Harris to discuss LEAD program and Mayor's 100 initiative

Submitted 06-12-2017 under NEWS

Shannon Harris, program director in the city's Our Community's Children office, will be the guest during the June 12 episode.