The Rapidian

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Photos of the Day

"Street mural" by Kiran Sood Patel

"Kids Playing Cherry Street Park East Hills August 21, 2016" by Steven Depolo

"The city from afar" by John Rothwell

"Seasonal Display Greenhouse at Frederik Meijer Gardens" by Kiran Sood Patel

"Box of Sidewalk Chalk 2016 Fairmount Street Block Party" by Steven Depolo

"They Finally Did It!" by PPWIII

"Tim Kaine in Grand Rapids, Michigan" by John Rothwell

"Michigan Cherries" by John Rothwell

"Farmers market on a Saturday morning" by John Rothwell

"Opening up for the day" by John Rothwell

"A spoiled dogs life" by John Rothwell

"Harrison Park School" by PPWIII

"On the pitch" by John Rothwell

"Photography Show Grand Rapids Art Museum" by Steven Depolo

"Along for the ride" by John Rothwell

"Water Lily in Frederik Meijer Garden's Frog Pond" by Diane Charvat

"Frog on Lily Pad" by Diane Charvat

"Grand Rapids Skyline" by Steven Depolo

"Otherside of the tail" by John Rothwell

"One way in the city" by Annmarie Steffes

"Pink and blue" by John Rothwell

"Pyramid Scheme" by Conni Mutchler

"Backside of Division" by Conni Mutchler

"Grand Rapids Fireworks" by Eric Lanning

"Ferguson Community Garden Sign Grand Rapids" by Steven Depolo

"Pink Tea Cup Rose on Porch" by Steven Depolo

"Yoga on the roof" by Conni Mutchler

"Rainbow Bridge Grand Rapids" by Ann-Marie Jurek

"Rowing on the Grand" by John Rothwell

"Bush and Fence on Three Mile Road in Walker" by Steven Depolo

"Fishing on the Grand" by John Rothwell

"Early morning reflection" by John Rothwell

"A storm is nearing" by John Rothwell

"Delilah DeWylde on Bass" by John Rothwell

"Otis Blueswell JR" by John Rothwell

"So we remember" by John Rothwell

"Jump! Jump!" by John Rothwell

"The City" by John Rothwell

"Cowboy after Remington Grand Rapids Art Museum" by Steven Depolo

"Bougainvillea flower" by Steven Depolo

"Morning on Wealthy Street" by Kiran Sood Patel

"Concert St. Cecilia" Society by Steven Depolo

"Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park" by Kiran Sood Patel

"Boats on Reeds Lake" by Kiran Sood Patel

"Frilly Fabric Sculpture Grand Rapids Art Museum" by Steven Depolo