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Photo of the Day Images

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"Strolling Square Dancing Downtown Grand Rapids"  by Steven Depolo

"AutoBody" by Tiffany Szakal

"Purple Reign in GR" by Leslie Mac

"Harris Building" by Tiffany Szakal

"Sand Art" by Tiffany Szakal

"Cactus Room" by Diane Charvat

"Pulling Gypsum" by Annmarie Steffes

"Carousel on the River" by Eric Bouwens

"Common Morpho at Frederick Meijer Gardens" by Diane Charvat

"First Blooms" by Ann-Marie Jurek

"St. Andrew's Cathedral at Sunset" by Eric Bouwens

"Something Green Close-up" by Diane Charvat

Another foggy Westside morning... by Paul Soltysiak

"C'mon Spring" by Briana Ureña-Ravelo

"Candy Display" by Steven Depolo

"From the First Library" by Briana Ureña-Ravelo

"Clean-up Time with the DAAC" by Briana Ureña-Ravelo

"Pile of Scrabble Letters" by Steven Depolo

"In The Trees" by Ann-Marie Jurek

Butterfly Feeding Station by Diane Charvat

Oops left the top down by Richard Smith

Downtown Grand Rapids at Night by Steven Depolo

Holmdene by Steven Depolo

Mayor Bliss at Neighborhood Meetup by Elizabeth Rogers Drouillard

Rosa Parks Circle Ice Skating by Steven Depolo

Fat Tuesday on the Westside by Elizabeth Rogers-Drouillard

Ice Fishing at Reeds Lake by Eric Tank

St. Adalbert by Michael Schurr

Spotted on South Division by Steven Depolo

Ice Fishing at Reeds Lake by Eric Tank

Blue Sky Winter Blue Bridge by Steven Depolo

Reporter Celebration by Eric Bouwens

Curly Toed Boots by Diane Charvat

Winter Arrival by Ann-Marie Jurek

St. Francis Sculpture Garden by Eric Bouwens

Blue bridge poster by Eric Bouwens

Magical gardens by Holly Bechiri

Winter fun by Eric Bouwens

Grand Caroling by Steven Depolo

Christmas Ornament by Diane Charvat

Little Birdie by Sarah Jurek

Nighttime in Grand Rapids by Ann-Marie Jurek

Garden Frost by Eric Bouwens

Dusk Christmas Tree Downtown by Steven Depolo

Clinica Santa Maria by Eric Bouwens