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Wireless Internet for Low Income Residents of Grand Rapids

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 Applications for low cost wireless Internet service are available for residents of Grand Rapids. 




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UPDATE: This program is no longer available.

For those who haven’t heard, Clear is the new kid in town for high-speed wireless Internet access.

“Bringing the 4G service to Grand Rapids has been in the works for some time” said Laurie Cirivello, executive director of Grand Rapids Community Media Center. “But after a long wait, it is now available”.

Clear and the City of Grand Rapids negotiated an agreement that provides some unique benefits for the community, including the opportunity for low income residents who live within the city limits of Grand Rapids to qualify for reduced cost Internet service.

The CMC has been designated by the City of Grand Rapids to manage the process of qualifying residents for the reduced cost service. Laurie Cirivello says she is excited that the CMC has been asked to assist in connecting in-need residents with high-speed Internet access. Clear has a couple different price ranges to chose from, but Clear’s Base Home CLEAR Internet will be offered at $9.95 per month for those households that qualify (equipment costs are additional). The discounted service rate will be available for up to five percent of Grand Rapids’ households. Once a household has been qualified, service will be initiated by Clear.

Residents interested in learning more about the application process for reduced cost wireless Internet service can contact Liz Stegman at: [email protected]. Additionally, the application and FAQ (frequently asked questions) are available here.

For information about Clear 4G wireless Internet services, visit

Disclosure: CMC's sole role is to help increase local Internet access by qualify low-income residents for this program. CMC receives no compensation from Clear for this service.


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