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"You Know This Girl" at Mexicains Sans Frontieres



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   Described as "A one woman comedy about the depths of shallowness", C. Frances Fallon kept her audience laughing riotously as she quipped satirical comments about the loose-moraled, consumer driven, self-esteem lacking common club girl that we all cross paths with far too often.

   In the brightly colored, welcoming Mexicains Sans Frontieres (120 S. Division, #226), Fallon portrayed Courtney ("easy to remember, every other letter spells C-U-T-E...") and took the crowd through her day to day life, which was very familiar to what we see on reality TV and in our own lives.

   You can see what Fallon is up to next, and where she is headed next here:

and you can read a more in depth review by fellow Rapidian citizen journalist Sara Baier here:

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