Public responds to "Why These Finalists" panel, panelists respond to experience of ArtPrize

by (GRTV)

Submitted 10-07-2014 under NONPROFITS

Monday night's Critical Discourse panel- Scott Stulen, Paddy Johnson and Miranda Lash- analyzed the top selections by both jurors and the public vote. With sometimes brutal honesty, they shared what worked for them in the pieces as well as...

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Artists as disruptors: Building incubators where art, technology meet

by (Mark Holzbach)

Submitted 10-04-2014 under NEWS

A mix of Grand Rapids art, technology, culture, education and business interests turned out last night to hear panelist Julia Kaganskiy, executive director of the New Museum’s four-week-old art and technology co-working incubator NEW INC...

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"Walking on Water - Azurite" offers rare opportunity to view Nihonga art

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 10-01-2014 under OPINION

Step out of the frenzy of ArtPrize and into the "slow art" of Makoto Fujimura. ArtPrize is an amazing experience, but it can become an all-you-can-see visual cacophony. In loving the art we can work ourselves into a state that is...

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ArtPrize partners with ART21 for increase in robust programming, critique

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 09-30-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

ArtPrize is partnering with ART21, a nonprofit organization which uses digital media to introduce millions of people to contemporary art and artists. ART21 has produced a Peabody Award-winning biennial television series, "Art in the Twenty-...

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ArtPrize 2014: How to register, vote, map routes, all from your phone

by (Marjorie Steele)

Submitted 09-29-2014 under NEWS

New to ArtPrize? Not sure how to go about voting? Here's a simple walkthrough to get you started. With an iOS device or Android, you can utilize the ArtPrize app for voting, creating lists and mapping out routes to see the art.  For those...

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ArtPrize Off The Beaten Path: The Harris Building

by (TSzakal)

Submitted 09-29-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

The Harris Building, which splits its unit between The Local Epicurean, flexible offices and event space, offers visitors handmade pasta, artisan chocolate and art with an emphasis on natural elements.   On most days, The Local Epicurean offers...

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ArtPrize Off The Beaten Path: Downtown Market

by (TSzakal)

Submitted 09-27-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Shortly after celebrating their one year anniversary, the Downtown Market welcomes ArtPrize visitors for a feast of colorful art and entrees.  Draping the length of the entry, "Bloom Bloom" is comprised of construction flagging...

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City as Muse celebrates installation at UICA

by (erictank)

Submitted 09-25-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Through many changes - buildings, locations, resident artists and programming - the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA) has been a integral part of the art community in Grand Rapids for over 30 years.  "City as Muse," a three...

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Artprize offers transit passes to increase diversity

by (WMEAC)

Submitted 09-24-2014 under NONPROFITS

Social equity is one of the main focuses of the 2014 Artprize, the world’s largest open art competition. For the 2014 seasons, Artprize teamed up with local non-profits like LINC, Grand Rapids Urban League, West Michigan Environmental Action...

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ArtPrize seeks to broaden conversation in 2014 programming, events

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 09-22-2014 under NEWS

In the sixth year of ArtPrize, there are 1,537 entries and 174 venues for visitors to navigate. The self-proclaimed "radically open art competition" continues to refine its approach toward the dialogue and exchange between public and...

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