Community Kids delivers hope on Easter by "egging" families' homes

by (Community Kids)

Submitted 04-12-2020 under NONPROFITS

Community Kids put a fun twist on their typical care packages this Easter weekend by delivering egg hunts directly to families’ homes. The Community Kids team delivered pre-packaged, candy-filled Easter eggs to the homes of families they serve...

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Celebrating religious holidays during a pandemic

by (Kaufman Interfa...)

Submitted 04-07-2020 under NONPROFITS

We are entering that time of the year when many religions celebrate major holidays. These are holidays when communities come together to share the meaningful stories of their traditions.  Passover or Pesach begins the evening of April 8, when...

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Ride the Rapid for family-friendly Easter events throughout Grand Rapids

by (TheRapid)

Submitted 03-24-2016 under NONPROFITS

The tradition of painting hard-boiled eggs during springtime pre-dates Christianity. And nothing says Easter quite like a good old-fashioned egg hunt! This weekend let The Rapid get you to a number of family-friendly Easter events throughout the...

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Do You Know What Jesus Really Said?

by (DominicanCenter...)

Submitted 04-07-2014 under NONPROFITS

Did you ever wonder which version of the Bible has the correct translation? Who really wrote it and in what language? How and by whom, was it translated to finally be available in English? And, finally,  is that English translation accurate?...

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