Artist Mario Moore Bridges Untold Stories of America's Past and Present at GRAM

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'Mario Moore: Revolutionary Times' on view April 27 – August 18, 2024


Ethics and Religion Talk: Have you had family members convert out of your faith?

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I would love to read some of the panel members' experiences with family members who might convert to other religions. How is that navigated? What do you do about holidays? Have any incidents ever caused rifts that never heal?


Grand Rapids residents 'embrace the tension' at 10th annual neighborhood summit

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Residents gathered at Grand Valley State University for the 10th annual Grand Rapids Neighborhood Summit, focusing on racial equity and community connection through workshops and discussions.


Mayor Bliss reflects on two decades of service, sets priorities in her final State of the City address

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Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, after nearly 20 years of service in Grand Rapids, gave her final State of the City address, reflecting on her tenure, community growth and outlining her priorities for her remaining months in office.


Brie Stoner reflects on process, connection and identity following recent album release

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Local musician Brie Stoner, ahead of her Pyramid Scheme show, reflects on her journey, identity and the making of her debut album "Me Veo."


Community-centered soccer league returns to westside for new season

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The Soccer Rebellion brings back Bridge Street League to Las Canchas, fostering community engagement through soccer. New women's league introduced.


‘We’re not slowing down, we’re speeding up’: Saxon and Uriah Heep bring tour to downtown Grand Rapids

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British Metal legends Saxon and Rock icons Uriah Heep are set to co-headline at GLC Live at 20 Monroe


Ethics and Religion Talk: Give me your best elevator pitch for your religion!

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In an elevator pitch, what would you offer as the most important points of your faith? Let's say you have two minutes max to make your case.


National Salvation Army Week Begins May 13th

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The Salvation Army in Kent County is celebrating its 140th Anniversary May 13-19 during National Salvation Army Week.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is it ethical to modify an animal genome to transplant organs into humans?

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Is it ethical to modify an animal genome and raise animals to use their organs for human transplants?