Ethics and Religion Talk: What Frustrates You About Your Religion?

Submitted 03-05-2024 under OPINION

Taking a look at your faith through a critical eye, what about its expression these days frustrates you? If you could address the entire body of your coreligionists, what would you want to say that might improve your religion?


In "Disney's Descendants: The Musical," youth choose their own path

Submitted 03-04-2024 under OPINION

"Disney's Descendants: The Musical," based on the 2015 film of the same name, dramatizes the potential of young people to change the world.


Grand Rapids protesters show up in the hundreds to join global "Day of Action for Palestine" protest

Submitted 03-04-2024 under NEWS

Hundreds in Grand Rapids join global protests against Gaza war. Peaceful event "Hands off Rafah" calls for US aid cut to Israel.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What Do People Misbelieve about your Religion?

Submitted 03-01-2024 under OPINION

Please offer 3-5 examples of what you surmise many people outside of your faith might believe about you that are either entirely wrong or often taken out of context.


City Connection: Allison Farole, Emergency Management Administrator, to Join Rapidian Program Manager in the GRTV Studio

Submitted 03-01-2024 under NONPROFITS

Watch live on GRTV's Facebook page and YouTube channel beginning at 4:00pm on Monday, March 4.


(Watch) Seven Men Reach One Year of Recovery at Guiding Light

Submitted 02-23-2024 under NONPROFITS

Watch the testimonies of seven former clients of the Guiding Light Recovery program - a donor-funded, long-term, in-patient substance abuse treatment program offered to Grand Rapids men at zero financial cost.


Grand Rapids Committee on Appointments advances 3 finalists to fill vacant Third Ward seat

Submitted 02-21-2024 under NEWS

Grand Rapids Committee on Appointments progresses in filling the vacant Third Ward seat, shortlisting 3 finalists after interviewing 7 candidates. Public input welcomed for final decision; livestreamed interviews available.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do You Visit Other Houses of Worship?

Submitted 02-20-2024 under OPINION

Are clergy in your religion allowed to go to the houses of worship of other religions? To be clear, I mean during an actual service of some kind? If so, would you be allowed then to participate on any level, or simply observe?


Local Artist Highlight: Brandy Mayweather Rising from the Crucible of Experience

Submitted 02-12-2024 under NONPROFITS

Avenue for the Arts looks over the shoulder of Grand Rapids multi-media installation artist Brandy Mayweather to see how she does it. Interview by Pamela MacDougal.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do Non-Catholics Have Sacraments?

Submitted 02-12-2024 under OPINION

In Catholicism, we take marriage as a sacrament. Why don't Protestants hold the same view? Especially since weddings are performed by clergy, and they are done in a church. And how about the other religions? Are there ceremonies that you'd call sacraments? If so, is marriage one of them?