Elizabeth Stoddard of Fair Housing educates to end discrimination

Submitted 07-01-2014 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Elizabeth Stoddard talks about passion, hometown pride and the biggest obstacles Fair Housing has to tackle.


Black theatre group creates safe space to explore race

Submitted 06-17-2014 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Edye Evans Hyde is the founder of Ebony Road Players, a new nonprofit that is recreating a lost voice in the Grand Rapids theatre community.


Lott3Metz architecture puts people first

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Local architects Ted Lott and Greg Metz work to build community by transforming spaces into people centric places.


Greener Grads launches cap and gown recycling program

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A new company committed to sustainability attempts to shift method of graduation gown industry in an eco friendly fashion.


24 hour coffee house serves spicy drinks, cultural food

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Mayan Buzz Cafe is showcasing tastes of Central America through sandwiches, tea and coffee, all the while emphasizing the value of the city's youth.


Meet civic investor Derek Coppess: Investing in community creation

Submitted 04-22-2014 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

The founder of 616 Development and 616 Lofts didn't start his adult life creating community in downtown Grand Rapids. But family upbringing and a need for a shovel reminded him that people make a life.


Locally grown gourmet mushrooms on the way to consumers, restaurants

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The Urban Mushroom is growing a hobby into a full offering of gourmet mushrooms through their CSA program and the farmers market. They also have sights set on creative non-edible uses for the magical mycelium.


New school sets sights globally, organizes locally

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The Global Center for Advanced Studies offers a new format for earning master's and doctoral degrees by engaging local students with world renowned philosophers.


LINC community revitalization opens sit-down cafe designed to benefit neighborhood

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Neighborhood revitalization organization LINC has opened a new restaurant in Madison Square with the community in mind.


Triumph Music Academy passionate about people

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James Hughes and company are teaching much more than music composition and technique. The team empasizes the importance of community and collaboration.