Hall Street bakery opens with dedicated gluten free kitchen

Submitted 02-11-2014 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Wealthy Street Bakery owners have opened new Hall Street Bakery location that expands their regular offerings with the help of a separate gluten free kitchen, complete with its own HVAC system to avoid contamination.


West Michigan's first birthing center to open in East Hills

Submitted 01-28-2014 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Grand Rapid's first birthing center seeks to educate and promote natural childbirth by providing a home atmosphere and professional services.


Innovation through collaboration: Life at The Factory

Submitted 01-14-2014 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

The Factory, a quickly growing coworking and colearning space in downtown Grand Rapids, is designed to facilitate collaboration, openness, community, accessibilty and even serendipity.


Duba & Company works to supply Grand Rapids with rare breed heritage meats

Submitted 12-30-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Jeff Duba, proprietor of Duba & Company, perpetuates family legacy by purveying top quality artisanal meats to West Michigan.


Bradley Productions emphasizes storytelling, collaboration

Submitted 12-17-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

A young local film production company approaches wedding videos as storytelling and creates short films for the nonprofit sector.


Soccer fans rally, storytellers gather at SpeakEZ Lounge

Submitted 12-03-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Eric Albertson combines his love for soccer and storytelling by catering to fans at his restaurant bar SpeakEZ Lounge on Monroe Avenue.


High Five Co-Op Brewery collaborations achieve impressive response

Submitted 11-19-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Since meeting all the necessary legal qualifications in August, High Five Brewing Co-Op has held two collaboration events at local breweries to sell memberships. The co-op has more in place to sustain their success in the future.


Brewery Vivant sets standards for businesses locally, nationwide

Submitted 11-05-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Inspired by the brasseries of Belgium and France, Brewery Vivant strives to implement community values and be environmentally friendly.


Lamp Light music festival: the vanguard of Grand Rapids' DIT music scene

Submitted 10-22-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Lamp Light Music Festival is an innovative take on the house concert. Raising it to new levels, John Hanson and company are organizing this year's event to include expanded and improved programming.


Propaganda Doughnuts sets up shop on Division Avenue corridor

Submitted 10-08-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Tory O'Haire opens new doughnut shop on Division Avenue just blocks from his live/work studio and kitchen.