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The definition of hyperlocal can be as black and white as drawing city boundaries, but its meaning goes deeper than that: it gets to the heart and the details of being a community.
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In 2010, I wrote a Rapidian piece about the increasing attention to the concept of “hyperlocal” in news and journalism circles. Relating to the Rapidian, I referred to it as “small stories about the details of being a community.” As a media industry term, hyperlocal has gone from novelty to commonplace, referencing the increasing interest in micro news, in and from geographic communities. While less often hard, breaking news; these stories are often pieces that have a direct (and hopefully enhancing) affect on the day to day lives of the people of that community. 

For the website, hyperlocal is defined as news happening within the city of Grand Rapids or related to people who call it home. For me, having news, information and conversations- initiated by the community and centered around where I live and work- helps me make connections, gain knowledge and ultimately engage more fully. Whether a story about students creating solutions to schoolyard bullying, conversations about the role and value of public art projects or advice on finding locally sourced food, what I get from The Rapidian really affects my life and enhances my relationship with my community. And, on a personal and practical level, that’s what hyperlocal is all about.

Hyperlocal has been a hallmark of The Rapidian since the beginning of the project. We believe it’s important that we care about the details of life in our community and that we work together to provide ways for them to be shared, heard and discussed.

We hope you agree. 

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