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Many of Today’s Teachers Are Paying for School Supplies

Wednesday, November 05, 2014






Can you imagine working on a schoolteacher’s salary in the expensive state of California and paying for your own school supplies?  This situation is actually common for many teachers as budgets get cut and school supplies become a luxury. Some teachers have even become so desperate they are seeking out competitions at local office supply stores.


Being a Resourceful Teacher in Today’s Time


Several years ago, being a resourceful teacher didn’t mean that you had to worry about whether or not you would have enough paper. However, now that school is back in session in California, many teachers feel like paper, pencils, and even textbooks are prized possessions. As a result, they have become extremely resourceful. Many teachers are sharing their tips for donation websites. Some are clipping coupons or shopping for supplies at a garage sale. It has even been common for teachers to pull used goods out of the trash.


Budget Cuts in California


Why is there a need for teachers to be this resourceful and dig through the trash to find supplies to teach their students?  Apparently, almost $17 billion was cut from the education budget during the last two years. It is even likely that the schools will see another $2.4 billion in cuts next year. This has caused teachers to take pay cuts, go on furlough, and more. Even worse, the 18,000 layoffs that happened last year have increased the size of today’s California classrooms.


Surviving Without a Budget


Most teachers have little to no budget because of this financial monstrosity. Some teachers have become so desperate they are giving extra credit to students that bring in coupons or food. A lot of teachers also solicit the local business owners for help. They tend to always have pens with a logo on it.


Donation Requests


Parents have felt the burden of this problem too. They receive long lists for donation requests, and there are constant fundraising efforts. It takes a lot of effort to keep these local schools running now that there is no money.




Another concern among students, teachers, and parents is the cleanliness factor. There is rarely a budget for janitors, so the teachers are left to keep the school clean. While this is ok when it comes to a classroom, what about the rest of the school?  How often do the bathrooms get cleaned, and is this safe for the students?


The good news is there are companies that donate to schools in need. These companies have really helped many of the California schools as they have worked to survive amidst financial uncertainty.



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