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Music beat reporters needed for The Rapidian

The Rapidian is creating a community of reporters to work together to cover the music beat here in Grand Rapids, starting with precoverage of the Jammies this month!
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We need your help covering this year's Jammies!

Now is your chance to interview some of Grand Rapid's best local artists! Let us know here which artist(s) you would like to cover, and we'll go to work on scheduling interviews for those with an advanced notice.

Award winners at last year's Jammies

Award winners at last year's Jammies /Steven Scherbinski

What is the music beat?

The Rapidian's Music Beat is a community of reporters that engage in the local Grand Rapids music scene. Who's welcome to join? Everyone!

The community of reporters will work as a team to cover any and all genres of music--whether it's rock, jazz, blues, classical, or hip-hop--we need voices to help share and promote the local happenings.

Reporters should feel free to choose to cover anything and everything that interests them. There' s no need for an authorial voice that looks over the shoulders of the very people that make this whole thing possible. We want people to take charge and help share their experiences with the community. It's fun, engaging, and a great opportunity to work with other reporters that share the same passion and enthusiasm for music.

My story as the music beat intern

I came to The Rapidian in search of something new. I've always wanted to work in the music industry as a reporter, so I feel lucky to have this opportunity to work with fellow Grand Rapidians. I live by the phrase, "it's all about the music." My music collection spans almost every genre, but I do consider myself a bit particular. Fortunately, that's exactly what this beat calls for: a collection of unique voices that's set in motion by a shared passion for the Grand Rapids music scene.

I find this citizen journalism platform fascinating because it empowers me to take action, put down my headphones, and discover or even rediscover local artists, bands, events and venues. Most importantly, these are stories that I want to cover. Fortunately, The Rapidian offered me the role of heading up the music beat, so I was more than happy to accept the responsibilities, or as I like to see it, the opportunities this offers me and- by extension- the Grand Rapids community.

A community of music beat reporters

The music beat reporters have already started claiming and covering stories, but we're always looking for both new and returning reporters to share their voice and experiences. If you love writing, music, or writing about music, please feel free to join the music beat at any time. We couldn't do this without you!

The goal of the music beat is to create a community of passionate reporters that want to share their own unique tastes and perspectives with the Grand Rapids community.

We want to hear about your unique ideas and approaches, so please email me or join our Facebook group if you want to share, write, or simply discuss music with our local beat. We're also planning for a monthy meeting time and space, so please keep an eye out on our Facebook group or send me an email for any questions or comments. I can't wait to experience your "world" of music!

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