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"Attendance + Effort = Success."

by LINC News Bureau | Lifting up the voice of the community.

Attendance is key to academic success—and so is celebrating the students who are working hard and coming to school! Attendance celebrations have been taking place in all of the GRPS & Believe 2 Become Hope Zones, and the importance of making every day count is the rallying cry.

Taking a serious look at the future of the Black community in GR

by LINC News Bureau | Lifting up the voice of the community.

A recent symposium in Grand Rapids brought together a panel of prominent community leaders to discuss the future of the black community. They discussed issues, obstacles, situations and most importantly solutions.

Community Spotlight: Brian Beard

by LINC News Bureau | Lifting up the voice of the community.

A few words from a community member on the importance of being involved. He speaks to the changes he sees in his local GRPS schools now that more doors are open for parents to get even more involved.

The wrong crowd to the right crowd: young people work together for positive impact

by LINC Community Revitalization, Inc.

Young activist Duke Turley works with youth and seeks to provide alternatives to the lifestyles that young people sometimes fall into in Grand Rapids.

Overcrowded Rapid buses cause concern for rider

by Gwendolyn Nathan

A regular passenger of the city bus expresses concern about overcrowding.

Jay Starkey: Servicing the community one pair of shoes, one donation at a time

by Diondra Henderson

In the Image is a non-profit on the southwest side of Grand Rapids that serves the needy by donating essentials for life, as well as brand new shoes to kids.

Awakening the lioness within

by LINC News Bureau | Lifting up the voice of the community.

Monica Quíroz is the President of the Parent Teacher Organization at César Chávez Elementary School. She is active in I Believe I Become activities. She is a community leader. But she wasn’t always this involved in her community and school.

One person can change the world

by LINC News Bureau | Lifting up the voice of the community.

As a dedicated member of the I Believe I Become community, Minnie Dentmond has never missed a meeting. She started attending gatherings in the Central Zone, and is continuing to lend her wisdom as the East Zone joins the B2B movement.

Rob Smith, local and international fashion photographer, shares his story and the Flash Mob Foto Shoot

by Emberly Vick

Rob Smith, a Michigan native, shares his journey to success while detailing the experiences and inspirations that have been apart of his development.

Community conversation at Congress Elementary could contribute to policies

by Emberly Vick

Attendees of a community conversation asked questions about how we value: are they treated children equally and are we prioritizing their needs?

GRCC $98.6 million millage loss, campaigners could have done more

by Emberly Vick

GRCC loses $98.6 million-bond proposal by a record 6500 plus difference in the voting polls. Could the loss have been a result of the campaign's strategic planning?

Teenagers are protesting, since when have they cared?

by Alexis Gray

On May 3rd local youth took a stand, protesting and showing everyone they care about their education.

How long will we wait?

by LINC Community Revitalization, Inc.

Co-Executive Darel Ross shares his thoughts on recent youth shooting and what it means for parents, communities and systems.

Diversity: embracing one's own and respecting others

by Gwendolyn Nathan

My hope is that one day, this world will live love and respect one another, to do and act as we were put here on this earth for. To do God’s will and goodwill to all mankind.

Asthma: wheezing, sneezing and camp?

by Sarah DeYoung

Camp Tall Turf's Asthma Camp allows kids with asthma to be kids.

People I've met while riding The Rapid

by Gwendolyn Nathan

As a regular rider on The Rapid, I've met many interesting people and even learned a few lessons.

First Friday builds community through poetry and conversation

by Gwendolyn Nathan

Spending the evening with friends, community, good food, relaxing music and heartfelt poetry.

What's behind the Believe 2 Become initiative?

by LINC News Bureau | Lifting up the voice of the community.

Community members gather to discuss the effects of Believe 2 Become in their neighborhood.

LINC News Bureau set to launch this month

by LINC News Bureau | Lifting up the voice of the community.

LINC Community Revitalization, Inc. launches a neighborhood news bureau to lift up the voice of the community.