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Hunger Challenge: Day 5




I spent the day with a spending limit of $4.37 and a couple dollar menus.
My $2.12 Mickey D's Dinner

/Samantha Dine

My $2.12 Mickey D's Dinner

The remains of devoured Taco Bell

The remains of devoured Taco Bell /Samantha Dine

2 days to go: Here's what's in my cupboard

2 days to go: Here's what's in my cupboard /Samantha Dine

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First off, let me apologize for a possibly whiny post from yesterday. This one will be less whiny, I think. Day 5 was the day I chose to add challenge to challenge and eat out exclusively with $4.37. 

I chose Day 5 because, as I mentioned in Day 4, I was getting a little sick and my appetite had gone way down. I figured I would make it through the day fine eating out because I didn't want to eat anything at all.

I left the house for my day's adventures around 10 a.m. with nothing in my system, still very nauseous. I had a meeting out in Allendale that brought me back down to Grand Rapids around noon. Not hungry yet. Then I had a radio recording training session with WYCE program director Matt Jarrells. 

This is where I began to get a little loopy due to hunger. I I tried my best to pay attention to his training but all I could think about was food: I needed to eat food. His face started to look a little like a burrito. A really stuffed bearded burrito. I tried to hide my obvious hunger and distraction by making way too many Frasier jokes. I don't think he bought it.

I left the Grand Rapids Community Media Center building with one mission in mind: obtain and consume as many non-bearded burritos as possible. Off to my faithful friend, Taco Bell. Michigan Street was closed so I had to go around taking four about extra minutes which honestly brought me to tears, actual tears.

I inhaled the bean burrito and .99 chicken flatbread I was able to get within my budget. I felt better afterward, but completely exhausted and fell asleep almost immediately after.

Later, after emerging from my burrito coma, I remembered I still had $2.37 left for dinner. I figured I would stick with the dollar menu, this time I chose McDonald's. Even though I am for the most part a vegetarian, I had a $1.00 McChicken sandwich and $1.00 value fries.

And that is all I ate yesterday: four dollar menu items. I have to say I failed somewhat in taking on the challenge of eating out. I took the easy way out with the dollar menu, instead of searching for more substantial or nutritious meals. As I told people that I was going to eat out, they gave many helpful suggestions, but their suggestions were all lost on me.

As you can probably tell from my posts, I am most definitely a "B" personality type. I don't plan ahead or think things through often. At the beginning of this hunger challenge, I was doing a much better job of following through with best laid plans. Now, I'm skipping meals, not paying attention, barely cooking at all.

Trying my best to maintain myself and my health during the challenge has now taken a backseat to trying to get through the day. I can see where it would be easy for anyone in this situation to simply make what they eat a very low priority.

Samantha Dine is a graduate of GVSU with a degree in Professional Writing. She's a former intern for The Rapidian, and the founder of the food beat reporters. She loves food, hasn't met a vegetable she didn't like, and wholeheartedly believes in the healing nature of a cheese plate. She recently left GR for the great white north of the Mackinac Straits where she writes, swims, struggles with poor internet connection and carries an eternal torch for her hometown.

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