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Spring Picturesque gallery nears halfway point, seeks more signs of spring



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Two weeks into the new Picturesque contest, "Signs of Spring," and the gallery has 53 images waiting for you to vote for them. Leading photos have over 50 votes.
1st place photo as of Friday, April 6

1st place photo as of Friday, April 6

2nd place photo as of Friday, April 6

2nd place photo as of Friday, April 6 /Phil Scally

3rd place photo as of Friday, April 6

3rd place photo as of Friday, April 6 /Amy Vanzoeren

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There's quite a collection of spring photos building in our current Picturesque Gallery, "Signs of Spring."

There are over 50 photos already included, and several great images vying for the top votes, after just two weeks of the gallery being open. The gallery (and contest) continue until April 30, so now is the time to add photos, vote for favorites and share the discoveries.

We're noticing some definite trends in submissions. At this time the gallery includes:

What's missing from this visual representation of spring in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Be sure to add your own to the collection, and let everyone know to vote for you!

Voting can happen four ways. Users logged in to the site can "vote up" or comment; visitors can tweet or Facebook like/comment their favorites! There's still plenty of spring moments to be captured; be sure to take a minute to add your own and join in this friendly competition.


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