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Grand Rapid's South West Neighborhood

Former ambassador, Carter Center CEO speaks on global health

Submitted 03-22-2018 under NONPROFITS

Ambassador Mary Ann Peters (ret.), CEO of the Carter Center in Atlanta, talks about global health equity, ethics and eradication on March 26.


Why parent voices matter more

Submitted 03-19-2018 under PLACE-MATTERS

Parents of lead poisoned children have the largest stake in correcting lead hazards in Grand Rapids. Their voices should be at the forefront of this movement.


New Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities CEO has 30 years of experience teaching youth

Submitted 03-13-2018 under PLACE-MATTERS

New chief executive officer Roberto Jara will oversee Cook Library Center and the Cook Arts Center


Spotlight on South Africa as 'Great Decisions' continues

Submitted 03-13-2018 under NONPROFITS

With South Africa at a strategic political crossroads, Ms. Desiree Cormier, a former State Department diplomat, shares her perspective on this strategic U.S. partner.


Grand Rapids City Commission hosts meeting off site for the night

Submitted 03-07-2018 under NEWS

The commissioners' night out took place at Oakdale Park Church in Grand Rapids' third ward.


Educators on school shootings: 'Arming teachers is not the answer'

Submitted 03-06-2018 under NEWS

President Trump and the NRA have proposed arming teachers as one response to the Parkland, Florida mass school shooting that left 17 dead. Local teachers and principals say it's a bad idea, arguing they need to be armed with more resources to help students, not weapons.


Russia will be the subject of March 12 Great Decisions presentation by POLITICO columnist

Submitted 03-05-2018 under NONPROFITS

The World Affairs Council's "Great Decisions" series on Mar. 12 features POLITICO's Susan Glasser on Russia.


Neighborhood organizations hold meetings informing residents about proposed zoning changes

Submitted 02-20-2018 under NEWS

Area Neighborhood Associations held weekend meetings to inform residents of proposed zoning changes.


The mystery lot of 269 Garfield SW

Submitted 02-15-2018 under NEWS

In September of 1965 a house on the city's west side sank into a sinkhole. Years after the sinking the land still sits empty. What is the story behind the property at 269 Garfield SW?


Examining the U.S. Defense Budget: An expert speaks in G.R. on February 19

Submitted 02-15-2018 under NONPROFITS

The World Affairs Council's "Great Decisions" series on Feb. 19 examines the U.S. Defense Budget. Are we getting "the right bang for our bucks"?